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Bartens Media offers real solutions for print, recruitment and classified ad placement in the USA. We also offer proven ways to improve your company’s performance on online. “Ask about our latest in Responsive Web Design“.Formerly known as Advertising Connection 1, Bartens Media is located in Illinois and serves clients throughout the United States. We have over 18 years experience in placing print advertising in major newspapers, magazines, community newspaper networks, and senior publications. With Bartens, you can always count on personalized service and excellent rates. For more information please call us at 618-965-9505 or 877-965-9505.

Overview of Services

Recruitment Advertising

Bartens has tremendous experience in job recruitment advertising. We can place your ads in any U.S. city, help with ad copy, design, and customize your billing.


Print, Classifieds, Display Ads & Advertorials – Place laser targeted ads anywhere in the United States from a single point of contact. We service all major U.S. newspapers, magazines, statewide newspaper networks, Hispanic and Senior publications, colleges, and more.

Online Marketing – Website development, search engine optimization, internet business directory listings, SEM, PR, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, online advertising, and consulting services.

Thank you for visiting Bartens Media. We look forward to having the opportunity to be of service to you. If you have any questions please call us toll free 877-965-9505. For more information about our company please click here.

Joyce Bartens

Recruitment Ads