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Bartens Media was founded by Joyce Bartens, one of the original owners of the Advertising Connection. Joyce has over 18 years experience in the advertising business. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. In addition to her extensive knowledge and experience in print media, Joyce has developed a group of targeted services to help her clients improve their results- online and offline!.

Here is a list of specialized servicesJoyce-at-truck-show-500

  • Newspaper ads and Print media placement nationwide
  • Targeted recruitment ads designed specifically for your company ¬†
  • ALL major newspapers plus community newspaper networks,¬†Hispanic advertising, seniors, colleges, and more.
  • Strategic SEO and web development service
  • Online business directory listings and search engine submission

Thank you for visiting us. If you appreciate personal service and people who do what they say you’ll love Bartens Media. Call us toll free at 877-965-9505, or in Illinois call 618-965-9505.

Joyce Bartens


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