How To Target Millennials in the Trucking Industry

One of the biggest challenges I am hearing more and more in the trucking industry is “How can I target millennials?” Sure, it is easy to research and say, “We are targeting millennials.” but are you really? Are you implementing and putting into play any ideas? Reaching out to the millennials starts with the yolk of the egg. (Corny analogy, I know.) It begins within the company first. With thorough research, I have put together the Top 9 ideas that should be considered. While there are many things/ideas that should be considered, these are the top 9 ideas I feel are the most important. Show the millennials you are listening and make the statement, “Hey, the trucking industry is here, we are listening and we care.”

Top 9 Ideas for Hiring and Retaining Millennials

Millennials love Technology

1. Millennials prefer technology based companies. My suggestion on this would be to invest in mobile applications-for drivers and employees. This way they have access to the company at their fingertips. Sharing updates, company news, employee of the month, trucking industry news, etc. Being a tech savvy company shows you’re in touch with millennials needs and moving toward the future.

2. Make sure your benefit period is not too long upon hire. Statistics show millennials are known to stay at a company for approximately 2 years on average because they get bored or lose creativity within the company. Shortening the benefit period draws them to a company to apply. Since their average employment time is 2 years, I would suggest staying in touch with them as an employee and change their route often (if a driver). A change of scenery helps! Just a thought, let them chose their own routes! (If possible.)

3. Encourage them throughout their employment history. Millennials enjoy a mentor, more like they demand a mentor. Good or bad reviews, that is how they learn and grow with a company. Weekly feedback or reviews are a necessity with millennials. They want to be in the know and learn how to better themselves.Millennials are an important piece of the puzzle.

4. Millennials are drawn to making a change. Let them be a part of the workforce in the company. Let their voices and opinions be heard! All you must do is listen! Let them feel they are an important piece of the puzzle and they CAN make a difference!

5. Advancement in the company will help a millennial stay. Don’t make them waiMillennial recycle world.t 2 years before a promotion is presented. Advancement is what will keep them where they are.

6. Go green! A huge part of the millennial world is helping save the environment. Exhaust all resources for the company to show you are a part of saving the environment and you care about the future!

7. Make your website stick out and blast it all over the place! Social media sites, google, YouTube, etc. Keep the site up to date with company news, employee of the month, trucking industry news, etc. Millennials love to socialize! Everything you post on your website should have the capability to be shared or commented on. They like to have something to talk about with their friends or voice their opinion on, it attracts them to it like a magnet. To be a part of the millennial community, brand your name out there and let them know you want to hear from them! Embrace their comments, negative or positive, and respond to it. Always give them something to talk about!Millennials and Life Work Balance

8. Present a flexible schedule. Millennials enjoy a flex schedule and a perfect balance of work/home life. Present your company as a company who offers flexible schedules with an opportunity to travel at the company’s expense. Millennials want to see the world! They do not prefer 9-5 jobs, that’s just boring! Let them know there are different opportunities available with different schedules to run.

9. Many millennials are worried about the economy. They feel the trucking industry is behind with the times, holding them back from applying. Change the way they think about the trucking industry is what needs to be done. Show them they are a big part of changing the economy and the trucking industry. The trucking industry is a HUGE part of our economy! Who would deliver truckloads of food when a natural disaster hits to feed thousands? Who would deliver the goods? We can accomplish this by changing the way we brand trucking companies and show them we are so much more than what they think. Give them the proper information they need to talk about. We must work together to change their way of thinking, both the yolk and the shell of the business. (There it is again.) Marketing and advertising is one thing but the yolk of your company must be willing to change for the future workforce too. I hope these few tips help!

“Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.” Emmet “Doc” Brown

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Written by Alisa Nesbit