Save Time & Money Placing Your Company’s Job Ads


Many companies are placing job ads from multiple locations around the country. It could be from a local branch, plant, warehouse or other type of facility. In other cases all of the job ads requests are sent to one employee who reviews, writes and then places the ads in the appropriate newspapers or publications. In either case, the internal personnel cost of running employment ads is much higher than it needs to be. There is a simple solution.  Outsourcing the placement of your company’s job ads to a single source will increase efficiency, save valuable personnel time and reduce overhead.

Streamlining Employment Ad Placement

Imagine the time it takes to place even 10 employment ads in newspapers in different cities. What if it is 50 ads? Bartens Media can place all of your company’s ads from a single point of contact saving you valuable personnel time. In addition, we provide professional assistance with ad copy, design and layout at no additional cost.

Newspapers & Publications

Bartens Media has more than eighteen years experience in classifieds and print media. We place ads with all major newspapers in the USA. We also offer statewide newspaper networks, college newspapers, senior publications, Hispanic publications, and more.

For more information about Bartens Media please visit our home page or simply give us a call at 618-965-9505 or 877-965-9505.

Joyce Bartens